The growing list of AI chatbots

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This is an old post that used to highlight which third party chatbots were supported in The new and improved version of has a built-in AI chatbot and no longer required using a third party provider. You can start a free trial of now, the easiest solution for deflecting support tickets on mail, chat, Slack and Teams.

While doing research for and which chatbots I could support I found dozens of AI chatbots. I will list them here for reference. Know another one? I would be happy to add it.

I’m not sharing my personal opinion about any of these tools (some are way better then others). Feature wise they are mostly very similar. Often they are marketed differently (ie. “Chat for visitors” or “Chat for employees”) but the core principle is the same. The list is mainly to show how this market has exploded over the last few months.

Here we go. First the ones supports, others in random order.