Let your answer questions before they become tickets.

Up to 50% of questions asked can be answered automatically. It only takes 5 minutes to set up Deflekt.ai and start saving time, so you and your team can focus on the tickets that deserve your full attention.

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100+ users spent less time on tickets

Deflekt.ai screenshots (light mode)

Works where your customers or co-workers are

All-in-one toolkit to put your support on Auto Pilot.

Have a look at why Deflekt.ai is the perfect companion for your existing helpdesk solution. Whether you use advanced help desk software like Zendesk or Intercom or answer customers from a shared mailbox, Deflekt.ai can reduce your workload by being your 1st line of support. Start getting less tickets today.

Content management (light)

Add content, the way your prefer

Add webpages one by one, multiple at the same time, using a crawler or by using a sitemap. Hosted documents can be added by url as well. Want to use local files? Upload them through drag & drop.

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Channels (light)

Enable the channels where your users are

No matter if you are trying to deflect customer or coworker support tickets, Deflekt.ai supports all most used channels. It even supports email. Activate on or more with a simple mouse click.

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Customization (light)

Localize and customize

For each project and each channel you can configure what text to use. This allows for full localization and brand tone of voice matching. Your web chat widget can also be customized so the colors match your brand.

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Support handover (light)

Human support is always one click away

Sometimes very specific or personal can't be answered automatically. Don't let your customers or coworkers run into a dead end, but always offer them a route to your human help desk. Deflekt.ai always offers a human support escape, capturing name and email. You'll receive the transcript and hit reply to continue the conversation.

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Conversations (light)

Monitor, learn, improve

Review all conversations, star the ones that need your attention or filter all conversation that ended with requesting human support. See where the generative AI failed and improve those areas of your documentation. You'll end up with better docs and even less support tickets.

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Deflect tickets on all your channels

Deflekt.ai can answer your customer's questions (website bubble chat or email) and co-worker's questions (on Slack, Teams or email). And if they need a little more help, your customer support team is only one click away.


External Internal

The original Deflekt.ai channel is here to stay. Get a deflection alias and let Deflekt.ai reply to incoming emails. Your customers or co-workers can click for human support, which will forward their email thread to your human support inbox.



Spin up your own Slackbot that team members can use in DM, @mention or /slash command. When they can't find what they are looking for your human support team will be one click away.



Service your co-workers right where they work. Expose your knowledge base with a Teams bot that answers question in DM or @mention in channels. Great for HR and SOP usecases.



Add a chat bubble to your website or intranet to answer customer of co-worker questions. And when they can't get the answer they are looking for, human support is one click away.Fully customizable, so it can match your brand.

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All channels and features are available during the free trial.

Put your customer support on auto pilot today

Try out all Deflekt.ai features with 100 free deflection credits. Upgrade to a paid plan that fits your usecase.



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  • 1.500 deflections monthly


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  • 5.000 documents
  • 6.000 deflections monthly
  • Remove branding



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Frequently asked questions

What is a deflection?

Each time Deflekt.ai sends a reply on one of your channel it is counted as deflection.

What is a project or channel?

A project has its own collection of documents, branding, localization and active channels (like email, web chat, Slack and Teams). Projects can be used in multiple ways. You could for example use them to handle questions for different products or subsidiary companies or create a project per language if you're active internationally.

What is a document?

Each web page, PDF file, Word document or Text file counts as one document. Deflekt.ai stores chunked embeddings of your documents in a vector database. Each plan upgrade means you can store more documents.

How do your paid plans work?

You start out on a Free plan so you can set everything up, test channels one by one and get a feel of all features. When you are ready, you can either keep using your Free plan and deflect 50 messages per month or upgrade so you can deflect more (and on multiple channels). You can easily subscribe in the app. Payments are handled by Stripe.

What languages do you support?

That's a really good question. Basically all languages are supported. You control all text strings that the bot uses. When your content is in a certain language, your bot always performs best when questioned in that language, but other languages can also perform really well. The model is instructed to reply in the same language as the asked question, which means most common languages are fully supported. The Deflekt.ai UI is currently only available in English.

I have another question about Deflekt.ai

Check out the documentation for a ton more answers, guides and how-to's. Also check out the blog for more interesting articles in the area of customer support inbox deflection.

Can I get a refund when I cancel my paid plan?

Due to the nature of the product, unfortunately you can't. You can test Deflekt.ai on the Free plan to see if it's for you. When you subscribe and then want to cancel you can do so at any time. Your subscription will then end at the end of the subscribed period.

Do you plan for feature A, B or C in the future?

Deflekt.ai is built for you. If you are missing a feature or found a bug, please let me know. The easiest way is using the "Feedback" tab in the sidebar. You can also shoot me a message at tim@deflekt.ai.

Founded and built by someone like you

Deflekt.ai was founded and built by Tim van Heugten. While working for a large bicycle leasing company I experienced the issue of scaling customer support myself. Especially with more complicated products, customers simply have a lot of questions. After implementing smart chat and support routing, we would still receive a ton of email questions and also experienced a growing timepath for onboarding new hires. The most frustrating part was the fact that most questions were answered in our knowledge base and SOPs.

That's why I designed and created Deflekt.ai. While simple in it's core, it can greatly reduce your number of support tickets. I also wanted the system to be transparent and make sure customers (or employees) always know how they can escalate to your human support team.

When I'm not working I love to spend time with my girlfriend and two kids in the beautiful town of Apeldoorn in the Netherlands. When I need to get my blood flowing I love to play roller hockey or go to the Swiss mountains for some snowboarding. Would love to hear what you are using Deflekt.ai for, so don't hesitate to contact me at any time.

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