Looking for an alternative to Chatbase?

While Chatbase is a great choice for an AI powered customer support chatbot, people are migrating to Deflekt.ai as an alternative because it's the all in one toolkit for support ticket deflection.

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100+ users spent less time on tickets

Read on to find out why Deflekt.ai is a great alternative to Chatbase.

"Chatbase was working great for us, but we needed something for incoming emails. As a B2B wholesaler we just get a ton of emails, especially from new customers. With Deflekt.ai almost half of them are successfully answered, giving our team more time to help out on real issues."

Deflect tickets on all your channels

Deflekt.ai can answer your customer's questions (website bubble chat or email) and co-worker's questions (on Slack, Teams or email). And if they need a little more help, your customer support team is only one click away.


External Internal

The original Deflekt.ai channel is here to stay. Get a deflection alias and let Deflekt.ai reply to incoming emails. Your customers or co-workers can click for human support, which will forward their email thread to your human support inbox.



Spin up your own Slackbot that team members can use in DM, @mention or /slash command. When they can't find what they are looking for your human support team will be one click away.



Service your co-workers right where they work. Expose your knowledge base with a Teams bot that answers question in DM or @mention in channels. Great for HR and SOP usecases.



Add a chat bubble to your website or intranet to answer customer of co-worker questions. And when they can't get the answer they are looking for, human support is one click away.Fully customizable, so it can match your brand.

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Why choose Deflekt.ai over Chatbase?

While Chatbase offers a pretty clean UI, was one of the first on the market and has a Facebook Messenger integration there are plenty of reasons to consider Deflekt.ai. Here is a top 5 of reasons.

  • One-click, no code channel support for web chat, email, Slack and Teams
  • More generous limits for content and file uploads
  • Hosted in the EU, so more privacy friendly
  • Works alongside your existing customer support tooling
  • Personal support

Another great benefit of Deflekt.ai is the fact you can test all features for free. Start a free trial (no credit card required) and get 100 deflections for free.

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